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D is for dance: 
D for dance
D is for Dog:
d for dog
D is for double-sided:
Double-sided paper dolls have a front-and backside, and their clothing fold around both sides. The clothing on the Flower Fairies Paper Doll Book, inspired by Cecily Mary Barker, is doubly double-sided: Not only does it fold to both the front and back, but it is printed on both sides of the paper too. This is so that the inside back can have the front of the wings.

 D for Double-sided

D is for Duck:
 D for Duck

C is for Cavemen: (Cave kids, in this case!)

C for Cavemen

C is for Christmas:

C for Christmas

C is for cowboy: C for CowboyC for Cowboy (1)

C is for Cuba: (The doll can be found at “A for Argentina”)

C for Cuba

B is for Baby:baby+tender+care0009(1)

baby+tender+care0008(1)This baby is from Peck Aubry’s “Baby Tender Care.” The book includes a Babysitter paper doll too. Find more of the book here. (You need to register to be a member of the group in this link. This group is truly the best source for as many paper dolls as you may want, as varied as you can imagine.)

B is for Ballet:


B is for Box:




B is for Bird:



I came upon the idea of publishing a paper doll alphabet, with four dolls to represent every letter. Today, I’m starting with A:

 A is for Africa:


The doll book with all outfits is for sale here.

 A is for Angel, by Yuko Green:


A is for Argentina:


(An outfit for her will follow under “C is for Cuba.”)

 A is for Art Nouveau:

a-for-art-nouveau The doll book with all outfits is for sale here as “Paper dolls in the style of Mucha.”

It would seem this Betty Boop has outfits from movies. Can you help me identify the clothes?


The first dress is from Gone with the Wind.

The second outfit look Cleopatra-ish.

I have no idea where the pink dress is from, nor the one with the skull earrings.

I think the green dress is also from Gone with the Wind.

The white dress with the wind blowing it up is, of course, Marilyn Monroe’s. But in which movie did she wear that?

The pink and yellow dress look like something Carmen Miranda would have worn.

If you can identify more of the clothing, please leave a comment and tell us.

And another question: Here is Betty Bobbs, a 1920’s drawing. By both the name and face I think she and Betty Boop may be “related.” Can Betty Boop perhaps be a development from the Betty Bobbs idea? I don’t know, but perhaps someone can tell me.

This one was from one of the paper doll albums at community webshots: (Community webshots do not allow people to download JPG’s any more, which is why I want to re-post everything in my community webshots albums here, eventually. I WANT my pics downloaded!)

This one is from the Google paper doll group, if I remember right.

This was on Lone Nunnaly’s website. (If it was still there, I would not have re-posted it here.)

The Indian witch is from Marianne Mathiesen, I think. I really don’t have the link to the site any more.

 This (Bollywood film star?)is from Gail’s Paper Doll Page. Gail publishes her dolls for free. I will post only 1 doll and outfit, at slightly reduced size, and further link to her.

And this is a doll from “Brides around the world”by Tom Tierney, pictured with her Indian Wedding dress.

This one is drawn in a very different style:


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This one is my own design. Here she is for colouring in:

And here she is, already coloured:

beach babe

beach babe

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I designed this Barbie paper doll from 2 Barbie pictures I got on the Internet.

Basic instructions on how to make a paper doll are here

In order to put on her clothes, you need to make slits with a craft knife in the relevant places. The position for the slits are marked in red on the diagram:

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These are all colour effects I tried with my computer image editing software, using the Princess PD sheet above.