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This one was from one of the paper doll albums at community webshots: (Community webshots do not allow people to download JPG’s any more, which is why I want to re-post everything in my community webshots albums here, eventually. I WANT my pics downloaded!)

This one is from the Google paper doll group, if I remember right.

This was on Lone Nunnaly’s website. (If it was still there, I would not have re-posted it here.)

The Indian witch is from Marianne Mathiesen, I think. I really don’t have the link to the site any more.

 This (Bollywood film star?)is from Gail’s Paper Doll Page. Gail publishes her dolls for free. I will post only 1 doll and outfit, at slightly reduced size, and further link to her.

And this is a doll from “Brides around the world”by Tom Tierney, pictured with her Indian Wedding dress.

This one is drawn in a very different style:


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