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I drew these 3 or 4 years ago and really thought I posted them. But when I tried to give someone the link today, I saw I was mistaken – this girl never appeared here. (I coloured her twice, and could not decide which one was the best.)


Teen FashionzTeen Fashionz (2)



From very old dolls to a new one: “Liefste Kayla” is a current series on South African TV. Local magazine Huisgenoot had a Kayla doll on a strip of card about 2 months ago, and a promise of a bit of clothing every week. The clothes are still appearing in every new Huisgenoot.

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E is for elephant:

E is for Elves

E is for Eskimo

(Here is the web page this originally comes from – It has a lot of darling children of the world dolls.)

E is for embroidery

This is from a series of 6 books, “The girls of Rosebrooke school,” by Kathy Lawrence. Each book has one girl.

This is Dot Polka, a comic character from way back. She collected and loved everything with dots on it. I drew her some time ago, and recently put it all together on spotted backgrounds.

My opinion of Dot: If you have a family history of obsessive compulsive behavior (evidenced by her strange aunts and uncles), and if your surname is Polka, it is very unwise to name your daughter Dot.

Old fashioned kids
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Make this puppet on cardboard with 3 split pins.

 Skater girl puppet


C is for Cavemen: (Cave kids, in this case!)

C for Cavemen

C is for Christmas:

C for Christmas

C is for cowboy: C for CowboyC for Cowboy (1)

C is for Cuba: (The doll can be found at “A for Argentina”)

C for Cuba

I came upon the idea of publishing a paper doll alphabet, with four dolls to represent every letter. Today, I’m starting with A:

 A is for Africa:


The doll book with all outfits is for sale here.

 A is for Angel, by Yuko Green:


A is for Argentina:


(An outfit for her will follow under “C is for Cuba.”)

 A is for Art Nouveau:

a-for-art-nouveau The doll book with all outfits is for sale here as “Paper dolls in the style of Mucha.”

Have you ever wanted to draw your own paperdoll (PD) , but did not feel up to the task?

Here, you can trace “your own” PD, choose the face you want, and the arms configuration you want. And after that, you can make clothes for her.


(I find today’s standard printer paper is too thick to properly see the image below, when you want to trace. Ho do I solve this? Easy. In daylight, I prestik the page with the image on the inside of my window, and then the drawing page over it. The back lighting from the sun makes the tracing picture visible. Even better is to place your picture on a glass table with a bed lamp under the table.)

I assume that everybody who played with PD’s as a child already know how to make doll clothing, but here, quickly, is simple instructions for someone who do not: Place the doll, allready glued to cardboard and cut out, on paper. Hold doll, and trace her outlines with a pencil. Draw outfit to size on these outlines. Erase outline before coloring clothing. Add tabs to the drawing before cutting out.


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Merry Christmas to all my readers.