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These cute toddler dolls were reproduced several times, and under several names. It usually had the same outfits, but often the clothes was reproduced with a different doll. Sometimes the set was larger or smaller.

Here, I tried to resize the dolls by changing the dpi setting, so that all of them and all their clothing are interchangable.

The one named Betty have also been sold under the names Little Miss Muffet, and as Katie. (Katie & Trudy both came in one set.)

The one named Trudy have also been sold under the name Betsy, with her doll Bitsy.(Bitsy is on the blue background.)

Cuddles’s doll (that looks like her) is called Rags.

So here is Cuddles, Betsy (Trudy), Betty (Katie), Cutie, and Action Annie, with Bitsy, Rags, and the rest of their dolls.

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I designed this Barbie paper doll from 2 Barbie pictures I got on the Internet.

Basic instructions on how to make a paper doll are here

In order to put on her clothes, you need to make slits with a craft knife in the relevant places. The position for the slits are marked in red on the diagram:

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These dolls was published by Mattell in 1969. I gave the scans some digital repair work, since the dolls were not in a good condition. Robin Hood had an arm missing, for instance. And several dolls had torn necks with signs of old yellowed selotape that came off in ages past.