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There is a reason this third and final delivery of the Barbie Sweet 16 set took so long. For almost 2 weeks, my computer was not on speaking terms with my modem. In the end, the two divorced and both remarried another laptop/ another modem – I traded my modem with someone who had a similar modem. That modem works on my computer, while the one I got rid of work on any computer but mine.(?)

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This set is from 1974, and still in a remarkably good condition.

First the folder front and back:

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I designed this Barbie paper doll from 2 Barbie pictures I got on the Internet.

Basic instructions on how to make a paper doll are here

In order to put on her clothes, you need to make slits with a craft knife in the relevant places. The position for the slits are marked in red on the diagram:

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