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I did not post much lately, so here are a couple of links:

A fun mouse PD here


and equally cute sword-wielding mice paper toys here.

Mouse Guard Paper Toys


This toy, still unopened, was produced by Greggo Magnets in Minneapolis in 1999. Read the rest of this entry »

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E is for elephant:

E is for Elves

E is for Eskimo

(Here is the web page this originally comes from – It has a lot of darling children of the world dolls.)

E is for embroidery

This is from a series of 6 books, “The girls of Rosebrooke school,” by Kathy Lawrence. Each book has one girl.

D is for dance: 
D for dance
D is for Dog:
d for dog
D is for double-sided:
Double-sided paper dolls have a front-and backside, and their clothing fold around both sides. The clothing on the Flower Fairies Paper Doll Book, inspired by Cecily Mary Barker, is doubly double-sided: Not only does it fold to both the front and back, but it is printed on both sides of the paper too. This is so that the inside back can have the front of the wings.

 D for Double-sided

D is for Duck:
 D for Duck

Tony Hart’s Draw it Yourself was a feature that appeared in South Africa’s Your Family magazine years ago. The idea is to first draw the basic shapes in pencil in their relative positions, then change the basic shapes into the animal drawing, then to go over it with pen and erase the pencil markings.

A few more of these are found here


B is for Baby:baby+tender+care0009(1)

baby+tender+care0008(1)This baby is from Peck Aubry’s “Baby Tender Care.” The book includes a Babysitter paper doll too. Find more of the book here. (You need to register to be a member of the group in this link. This group is truly the best source for as many paper dolls as you may want, as varied as you can imagine.)

B is for Ballet:


B is for Box:




B is for Bird:



This is my paper dragon:

The first two photos are the paper model, the 3rd and 4th are the dragon after being cut and folded, and the completed dragon.

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This fox is a slight adaption of an early ’90s magazine ad. I added the tail and paws to each page.

(Please note that the tabs on this one is very feint and you should take care to cut enough tabs for the clothes.)

This is a paper model I designed some time ago, of a goldfish.

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