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I came upon the idea of publishing a paper doll alphabet, with four dolls to represent every letter. Today, I’m starting with A:

 A is for Africa:


The doll book with all outfits is for sale here.

 A is for Angel, by Yuko Green:


A is for Argentina:


(An outfit for her will follow under “C is for Cuba.”)

 A is for Art Nouveau:

a-for-art-nouveau The doll book with all outfits is for sale here as “Paper dolls in the style of Mucha.”


Merry Christmas to all my readers.

GracieThis little angel was inspired by Gracie, a character by Annie Fitzgerald who draws the “Dear God Kids.” This printable Gracie doll is my Christmas gift to you, my blog readers. Merry Christmas, everyone!



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Here is a very simple Christmas angel. You can improve yours by drawing a face, glueing on hair, using glitter, etc. Or you can spray the cutout silver or gold before folding her. Be creative!