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E is for elephant:

E is for Elves

E is for Eskimo

(Here is the web page this originally comes from – It has a lot of darling children of the world dolls.)

E is for embroidery

This is from a series of 6 books, “The girls of Rosebrooke school,” by Kathy Lawrence. Each book has one girl.

D is for dance: 
D for dance
D is for Dog:
d for dog
D is for double-sided:
Double-sided paper dolls have a front-and backside, and their clothing fold around both sides. The clothing on the Flower Fairies Paper Doll Book, inspired by Cecily Mary Barker, is doubly double-sided: Not only does it fold to both the front and back, but it is printed on both sides of the paper too. This is so that the inside back can have the front of the wings.

 D for Double-sided

D is for Duck:
 D for Duck

C is for Cavemen: (Cave kids, in this case!)

C for Cavemen

C is for Christmas:

C for Christmas

C is for cowboy: C for CowboyC for Cowboy (1)

C is for Cuba: (The doll can be found at “A for Argentina”)

C for Cuba