Paper dolls and other paper toys

Shirley Temple is certainly the real person I have seen most Paper doll scans of. (I’ve seen more of Barbie, Dolly Dingle and Santa Claus, but they are not real.) Here are a few of them:

Jack and Jill magazine, May 1959:

Shirley Temple Paper Doll Sheet From Jack & Jill Magazine May 1959

And here are a few outfits from colourful boxed set:


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These books, copyrighted last year, is probably still available. As such, I publish less than half the pages at a reduced size.

Little Mermaid01a

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I did not post much lately, so here are a couple of links:

A fun mouse PD here


and equally cute sword-wielding mice paper toys here.

Mouse Guard Paper Toys

The page for this articulated cardboard doll was printed from E.K. Duncan, and I made some cloth clothing.

You can make something similar!

Japanese Ad Agency Reinvents Advertising for Funeral Services1The basic skeleton was from a Japanese ad for funeral services. I changed it to a very unusual jumping jack, if you cut out the pieces and add 6 split pins.

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It seems the little girl Dolly Dingle must have had adult siblings, for this is her nephew:


I post this on behalf of “Miss Missy” who ask about this picture here.

I just realized that I only posted this guy on my Afrikaans blog, never here.  I think it is the cutest one I ever drew – it is unlikely one of my works will ever find itself in a magazine , but I would have loved if this one (or who am I kidding, any other one) ever did.

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Here is a paper toy from this week’s Huisgenoot:

bieber maskThe wording translate as:

I AM A BELIEBER, with below that instructions to make a mask.