Paper dolls and other paper toys

Making paper dolls: The Basic Instructions

1) Click on the pictures to open them.
2) Print them out. (Remember: If you want to resize a paper doll, you should always resize the doll and clothes equally. If you want to print the doll at, say, 140%, every clothing page should be resized 140% too.)
3) Glue the doll, but not the clothing, on cardboard. (You could also choose to laminate the doll. Or standyou could print the doll on cardboad and the clothing on paper.)
4) Cut out the doll and clothing. You may prefer, even when this is not drawn as part of the doll, to make a stand at the base of the doll. (See picture.)
5) Put on clothes by folding tabs to the back of the doll.

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Thank you for contacting me on my blog, Miss Missy Paper Dolls. I enjoy your blog. Please email me the prince from the sleeping beauty set as mentioned.

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