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Kokeshi dolls are Japanese wooden dolls. They inspired this simple doll, which I did entirely in Paintbrush.


The page for this articulated cardboard doll was printed from E.K. Duncan, and I made some cloth clothing.

You can make something similar!

It seems the little girl Dolly Dingle must have had adult siblings, for this is her nephew:


I post this on behalf of “Miss Missy” who ask about this picture here.

I just realized that I only posted this guy on my Afrikaans blog, never here.  I think it is the cutest one I ever drew – it is unlikely one of my works will ever find itself in a magazine , but I would have loved if this one (or who am I kidding, any other one) ever did.

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From very old dolls to a new one: “Liefste Kayla” is a current series on South African TV. Local magazine Huisgenoot had a Kayla doll on a strip of card about 2 months ago, and a promise of a bit of clothing every week. The clothes are still appearing in every new Huisgenoot.

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These are not paper dolls, but a product that may interest paper doll lovers, or a little girl in your life.

It is a book with many pages of faint outline dolls to color and dress up. (If the dolls are not clear on my picture, I am sorry.)

Top Model (2)

Top Model (3)

It also has stickers of jewelry and clothing for the dolls: Read the rest of this entry »


This is not even half of the clothes and hair in the set. But seeing that this set is still for sale new, this is more than enough.

When I bought this, I bought my niece a set called “Pretty Princesses.” The clothing of the two sets is interchangeable. She could not wait for me to scan before we started to play, and traded clothing with me before I started scanning. So some clothes here would be from that set. As a rule, long dresses are from the “Princesses”set. The Egyptian fairy on the front cover is the only long dress in mine.


This set from artist Mirela Tufan is gorgeous! It is two paper dolls with about 140 pieces of clothing, shoes, hair styles and hair decorations, all on high quality cardboard from which spills can be wiped. Outfits slot in rather than fold around.

You can mix-and-match for ages with this! I will start with the first few pages now. (But I won’t be near my computer for a week, so be patient for more.) New book, ISBN 978-1-7418-5407-7 , if you want to order it.



If you have a-maze-ing patience and determination and loads of spare time, you may enjoy this creation of mine. Print out this on a full A4 page, and try to get from the top left to the bottom right of this maze.
You may not believe it, but there is actually an easy way to solve this, using a tool in a program that all Windows computers are loaded with. I will explain the easy way if begged to do so. Or another smart Alec may explain it here.