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The first one is for Schoeller yarns: 

The next for Dandee bread:
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There is an area in South Africa, around Cape Town, which is so dry, they worry that the taps will run dry before the middle of the year. They got rain this week. I celebrate with a few dolls with raincoats or umbrellas.

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This one came with cut clothing in a small envelope. (I include two pics, one of the front and another of the inside.) As far as I know, these are more likely to be from the ’30s, and the wordplay ones mostly from the ’40s and ’50s.)

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This kind of Paper dolls come from the 1930’s to 1950’s.

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Kokeshi dolls are Japanese wooden dolls. They inspired this simple doll, which I did entirely in Paintbrush.



The page for this articulated cardboard doll was printed from E.K. Duncan, and I made some cloth clothing.

You can make something similar!

It seems the little girl Dolly Dingle must have had adult siblings, for this is her nephew:


I post this on behalf of “Miss Missy” who ask about this picture here.

I just realized that I only posted this guy on my Afrikaans blog, never here.  I think it is the cutest one I ever drew – it is unlikely one of my works will ever find itself in a magazine , but I would have loved if this one (or who am I kidding, any other one) ever did.

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From very old dolls to a new one: “Liefste Kayla” is a current series on South African TV. Local magazine Huisgenoot had a Kayla doll on a strip of card about 2 months ago, and a promise of a bit of clothing every week. The clothes are still appearing in every new Huisgenoot.

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These are not paper dolls, but a product that may interest paper doll lovers, or a little girl in your life.

It is a book with many pages of faint outline dolls to color and dress up. (If the dolls are not clear on my picture, I am sorry.)

Top Model (2)

Top Model (3)

It also has stickers of jewelry and clothing for the dolls: Read the rest of this entry »