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From comes this box-shaped leprechaun toy:


From comes this paper doll:

This leprechaun is somewhat older:

… while this one is younger, again:

I am not even sure if this is a leprechaun, but it is a fun character:

This one is my personal favorite:


One of my Internet friends is a fan of Marine Le Pen, French politician, and asked me to draw this paper doll.

Marine le Pen2


I do not deserve all the credit for it: The face is obviously from a photo, and the body is from an Evita Perón doll by Christine D. Scarlett.

I include Christine’s doll to show what is her work:

Evita (1)real

I drew these 3 or 4 years ago and really thought I posted them. But when I tried to give someone the link today, I saw I was mistaken – this girl never appeared here. (I coloured her twice, and could not decide which one was the best.)


Teen FashionzTeen Fashionz (2)


$(KGrHqVHJEQF!d)u3e3PBQcgwzi,YQ~~60_57 eabe7de69e1ee59e28520c773842bc0a il_570xN_501243144_6yxc Marilyn Monroe2 (7) Marilyn Monroe2 Marilyn

In 1923/1924, the magazine Good Housekeeping had some paper dolls like these in them:
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Shirley Temple is certainly the real person I have seen most Paper doll scans of. (I’ve seen more of Barbie, Dolly Dingle and Santa Claus, but they are not real.) Here are a few of them:

Jack and Jill magazine, May 1959:

Shirley Temple Paper Doll Sheet From Jack & Jill Magazine May 1959

And here are a few outfits from colourful boxed set:


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These books, copyrighted last year, is probably still available. As such, I publish less than half the pages at a reduced size.

Little Mermaid01a

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I did not post much lately, so here are a couple of links:

A fun mouse PD here


and equally cute sword-wielding mice paper toys here.

Mouse Guard Paper Toys

This is a yellowed page from a magazine called National Doll World:Butterfly Read the rest of this entry »