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Top Models: For the budding fashion designer inside you

Posted on: December 15, 2012

These are not paper dolls, but a product that may interest paper doll lovers, or a little girl in your life.

It is a book with many pages of faint outline dolls to color and dress up. (If the dolls are not clear on my picture, I am sorry.)

Top Model (2)

Top Model (3)

It also has stickers of jewelry and clothing for the dolls:

Top Model (5)

And stencils for doll clothing:

Top Model (4)

And many pages of paper printed with luxurious textile motives, to make glamourous clothing with the stencils:

Top Model (7)

Top Model (6)

The book has an attractive, carry-able plastic cover:

Top Model (1)

Top Model (8)

It is shown on, where you can find out where to buy it in your area. Locally (I am South African) it is sold by Cardies.


3 Responses to "Top Models: For the budding fashion designer inside you"

I want to get this for my grnddaughter because her friend has one and they love to play with it but can’t seem to find it at their website. Please help!!
I live in Oregon, US.

Since I live in South Africa I can’t help you, but perhaps one of my readers can? If you know where they are sold in the USA, please answer Sue!

(Another bit of advice to readers: Photocopy a few girl outline pages when the book is new. The dolls seem to be finished while there are still a lot of stickers and fancy paper left.)

This page
has a block that says: “Are you looking for a TOPModel store in your neighbourhood? Just enter your postal code.”

Perhaps that will work?

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