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Paper dolls that defy classification, part 1

Posted on: September 1, 2012

In my time of collecting paper doll (PD) pictures from the Internet, I collected a few thousands PD pics. Old and new ones, children and adults, animals and humans, many famous and a few infamous people…

I have correct folders and subfolders on my computer for Santa Claus, elephant PDs, Elvis Presley, or a vampire. I know where to put a giraffe dressed as an Indian mystic (really!), or a paper representation of an old-fashioned porcelain doll.  I even have a subfolder for dolls which are only heads and have hats and wigs for outfits.

But there are a few dolls which I have no category for.

A PD with a kettle face?

Mona Lisa with a baby?

Some, erm, light fun from Kwei-Lin Lum

A female angel of death, from

And what was Tom Tierney thinking when he drew the Statue of Liberty, naked? Was it some kind of political statement?

I plan to do part 2 of this article before Friday. If I forget, remind me with a comment here.


2 Responses to "Paper dolls that defy classification, part 1"

These are very unusual. I enjoyed looking at them – I even like the Statue of Liberty – extremely original!

[…] If you have any interest in paper dolls, you have encountered the work of Tom Tierney. Mr. Tierney is the quintessential 20th century paper doll artist, perhaps the only paper doll artist in the world who has created a name known outside the world of niche collectors. His prolific body of work covers vast swathes of popular culture – film stars, politicians, literary and historical figures, mythological creatures, the camp, and the bizarre. If a human-shaped subject could possibly be adapted to the paper doll form, Mr. Tierney has probably already done it. […]

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