Paper dolls and other paper toys

Alphabet: E

Posted on: August 18, 2012

E is for elephant:

E is for Elves

E is for Eskimo

(Here is the web page this originally comes from – It has a lot of darling children of the world dolls.)

E is for embroidery

This is from a series of 6 books, “The girls of Rosebrooke school,” by Kathy Lawrence. Each book has one girl.


5 Responses to "Alphabet: E"

They are all lovely! Nice to see you posting again. I’d like to see more of the Rosebrooke School book!

If you want to see more Rosebrook, it is all here:
Yes – it is one of my all-time favorite sets too, from one of my favorite artists.

Thanks for the link to the rest of the paper dolls. Its a stunning set! This is also just to let you know I’m shining my little sunbeam on you this month. Hope you enjoy it!

very nice! i wish you had an email subscribe box!

I’m just over from Sharon’s Sunlit memories. Congratulations! I’ve just taken a quick look at some of your posts and know I will be back for more.

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