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Clicking on my stuff: Problem solved

Posted on: November 26, 2011

Two recent commenters here told me some of my old posts were not linked to the pictures I used. That means I had small pics of paper dolls and other crafts, but you could not click and get a larger pic to download and print.

I now rectified that. If there is still crafts and dolls in my posts that cannot be enlarged, please tell me.

Speaking of enlarging, here is Alice in Wonderland, about to have a “tall drink that will make her short” and “shortbread that will make her tall.” From here.


5 Responses to "Clicking on my stuff: Problem solved"

What a gorgeous blog you have – and how charming a custom paper dolls were. With all the interest in vintage things, it would be lovely to see this custom revived.

I’ve just awarded your blog the Liebster Blog Award. You can see the details at – Sharon

Thank you for visiting my blog. I didn’t realize there were blogs out there devoted to paper dolls. I’ll have to investigate. Sorry for the quality of the paper doll photos. I do not have a scanner available to me. Have a nice day.

Thanks for replying. I understand if you don’t have access to a scanner.

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