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Posted on: February 10, 2010

If you have a-maze-ing patience and determination and loads of spare time, you may enjoy this creation of mine. Print out this on a full A4 page, and try to get from the top left to the bottom right of this maze.
You may not believe it, but there is actually an easy way to solve this, using a tool in a program that all Windows computers are loaded with. I will explain the easy way if begged to do so. Or another smart Alec may explain it here.


3 Responses to "A-maze-ing!"

holy shit

Oh my!
How did you make this maze? 🙂 And what is the Windows program that could easily solve this cos I had a major major headache with it LOL

What you do is: Open this maze in paintbrush. Choose a color that is not black or white, say red. Select the “fill with color” tool, click on the black wall. (Not on the white background.) A part of the black wall will now be red. If you move only where you have black on your left (right) and red on your right (left) you will now easily navigate this impossible maze.

(The solution works like this: Imagine a tunnel with a left wall in one color, and the right wall in another color. If the tunnel is unobstructed, the left wall color will not touch the right wall color. Now add some twists and turns to the tunnel, and it stay true. Add a fork in the left side, and left and right of that fork will be in the left wall color. A maze is just a tunnel with some turns and forks.)

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