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Posted on: September 1, 2009

Old fashioned kids
If you visit my blog and like what you see,
please leave a comment, I beg you, I plea.
That way we can see what kind of craft you enjoy
And, perhaps even offer more of that for you, your girl, or boy.
Old fashioned kids (1)
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12 Responses to "Please!"

Thanks o much for your work!!!! it is so beautiful!

Retha! These are DARLING!!! Queen Holden?

I actually love PD of designers or fashion history. Mhhhh….not sure it is clear what I meant 🙂

I’m looking for paper dolls to make a gift to a friend and I want to say thank you for keep this place.

You have some lovely vintage designs. I really like the cha cha cha doll and look forward to making it with my daughter when she is older 🙂

I just found your site through google…I was looking up paper dolls
you have wonderful stuff on here…love the vintage images….
I remember playing with paper dolls when I was a little girl…
Have a great day…
Sweet Blessings…

Tonja, if you really feel nostalgic you could of course print out one to make. (I sometimes do, there are several on display behind the glass doors of my TV wall unit.)

I really love this vintage paper doll. I would like to use the image on a flyer and wanted to make sure that was okay.
Beautiful work!

Thanks and be well…

Rachel- I have no idea whose artwork this doll was. But I’m sure that this doll is more than 60 years old and the image won’t be copyrighted any more.

Very very appreciate. Thanks a lot for this beautiful work.

I agree with Colleen. It’s looks like Queen Holden’s artwork. I have a few dolls by her that I posted on my page if you’d like to see if you agree. ( These are very cute.

You are right. It does look like Queen Holden’s work, now that you mention it. (I saw a lot of QH work on the Google PD groups.)

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