Paper dolls and other paper toys

Paper dolls & Paper Play Alphabet: D

Posted on: June 20, 2009

D is for dance: 
D for dance
D is for Dog:
d for dog
D is for double-sided:
Double-sided paper dolls have a front-and backside, and their clothing fold around both sides. The clothing on the Flower Fairies Paper Doll Book, inspired by Cecily Mary Barker, is doubly double-sided: Not only does it fold to both the front and back, but it is printed on both sides of the paper too. This is so that the inside back can have the front of the wings.

 D for Double-sided

D is for Duck:
 D for Duck

4 Responses to "Paper dolls & Paper Play Alphabet: D"

I love them all. I really enjoy both the paper dolls and the paper crafts you post here.

I just noticed that you posted these on my birthday last year. If only I had seen your site then.. It would have been a great part of my day.

I got discouraged with my alphabet posting when my computer (with my PD and other craft scans on it) got stolen a year ago. There was really 4 dolls of every letter sorted into a folder for this – including Q (a Queen Holden drawn doll; a Queen Cleopatra, quintuplets and a paper toy representing a quick race car.)

I like your site very much Retha! Please put all your files on a Flash and put it separate from your PC. I did that and put it in my son’s safe, next door. Then I can have him give it to me occasionally, and add what I get later as well. Mostly I saved my own dolls, so I wouldn’t lose them in case of fire or theft.

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