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Ben 10 Watch

Posted on: June 14, 2009

Print, cut out and place around child’s arm. (The tab at the bottom goes through one of the top slits.) You could make it stronger with clear adhesive plastic on both sides before cutting it out.





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thanks for this, my son will love the printed watch.

[…] un semplice click e poi stamparli. Oltre ai disegni  su Paper dolls and toys c’è l’orologio di Ben Ten da stampare, un gadget che i bambini apprezzeranno […]

[…] Di Ben 10 abbiamo il mitico orologio da scaricare e stampare (se si stampa in bianco e nero si può fare colorare il disegno ai bambini): l’orologio di Ben 10 da scaricare è qui. […]

THANKS!!! This is exactly what we were looking for!! I will be back to seach through your site after we print and cut out the watch.

Ola! Paperdollsandtoys,
Speaking of which, Dior

As the rain drops from my little blue ranch in Iowa, I think about how I love the rain, the sound, the feel of it, and even the fresh smell. I was expecting a call from my father but the phone never rang. He lived in Florida for the last two years and every month he’d either call or visit. Sometimes he wouldn’t do either. I was filling out this stupid emergency contact information card for school. It was the last days of summer before I would enter the tenth grade. Usually parents are suppose to fill these forms out but my mom is too busy, she brought my two brothers out for some bonding, and when I say bonding I mean my mom going to Chanel and buying a new outfit and handbag while my brothers Ben, whose six and Kyle, whose nine go to the game store with my stepfather Bill. Most of the time sixteen year old girls hate their stepfathers but not me. In fact I think of him as my active parent in my life. My mom and I aren’t that close and my dad still hasn’t called. As I look at the information sheet across the top reads NAME. Ughh great, my names Dior and it doesn’t suite me. It sounds like I should be in LA or New York, have millions of dollars and actually shop at places at Dior and Chanel. I use my middle name which is LeeAnn. I wish people would in fact respect my choice to use it, I mean its my middle name, isn’t that what there for? The only people who call me LeeAnn is my best friend Heather, my drivers ed teacher Margaret, and my loving “dad” Bill who calls me LA which I like. I shoved the papers aside when I heard the doorbell ring, I was expecting Heather to hang out.
“Hey” I said “Hey” she said just as bored as I did.
She came in just as she did every time, put her shoes by the door, took her coat and umbrella by the stand. “why do you use that if I were to go out I wouldn’t use a shield from the beautiful rain”
‘your insane if you think I would mess up my perfectly curled hair” she giggled.
I laughed not because it was funny, but because it was so her. She cared about her appearance more then you could imagine. She had dark blonde medium length hair, her face caked up with the whole package eyeliner, eye shadow, mascara, eyeliner, lip-gloss, lip liner and more if that’s possible, I laughed to myself. She looked like a porcelain doll and that suited her. Me on the other hand, I would put on a little mascara a light layer of lip-gloss and sometimes eyeliner, when I was in a good mood. I had brown hair medium tone and medium length but I liked the way I looked it was me. We both sat on my bed, legs crossed playing truth or dare as if we were eight
‘Truth or Dare’ I said in an evil tone
‘Truth’ she said weakly
‘Chicken ha-ha, what was the worst thing you’ve ever done?’ I said it already knowing the answer
‘Once I took a Coach keychain and didn’t pay!” she said nervously
‘OMG! Your serious the one you have on your keys those are like a hundred dollars!’ I said shocked
‘I know, I know’ she giggled nervously
‘Wow that’s not what I expected’ I laughed
‘Ok Ok your turn, Truth or Dare’ she said wanting to change the subject
‘Dare’ I said fearlessly
‘I dare you to stand in the rain barefoot for 4 minutes straight’ she said it like it was a lot to ask
Without saying a word I took off my fuzzy socks and ran to the back door. Heather ran over to get her umbrella so it could shield her curls. I opened the sliding door and walked into the heavy down pour. It was sooo invigorating. I loved it. I put my arms out and as I got absolutely soaked with 2 more minutes left I twirled around like an idiot but I didn’t care. Heather was watching in amazement as if I were stealing something from Coach ha-ha. Then I had an idea.
‘Thirty-three seconds left’ she yelled still shocked
I was coming near her and then I grabbed her umbrella and threw it across the yard!
‘Ahhhhhhhhh!’ she screamed and I laughed
Heather tried to get her umbrella, but I was holding her back and spinning her.
‘Stop LeeAnn! Stop!’ she screamed with a laugh
I didn’t stop because I knew she was having fun as was I. She gave up on her umbrella and even her shoes. The rain was coming down so fast now, we were equally soaked. It started hailing after fifteen minutes!
‘Lets go in’ she said loudly because it was hard to hear from the hail
‘Ok’ I said
‘That was sooo much fun!’ Heather said excitingly
‘That was beyond fun!’ I smiled
As we were dripping on the tile, trying not to fall I heard a noise. Everyone was home.
‘Damn Heather their home’
‘Are we gonna get in trouble there’s a puddle under us!’ she said freaked
‘Calm yourself were fine, are you still sleeping over?’ I said
‘If were not killed’ she said
‘Dior dear, why are you so wet’ my mother said as she walked over
‘We were outside’ I laughed when I looked at Heather
‘LA! Hey what’s going on here’ Bill said
‘We went outside’ I said walking over to the kitchen aside me was Heather
My brothers gr

The paper toys and dolls on this page are wonderful, but, they won’t allow one to click on them to make them bigger to save. I would like so much to enlarge them to save !

thank you! will use this in a speech therapy session.

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