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Paper dolls & Paper Play Alphabet: B

Posted on: April 2, 2009

B is for Baby:baby+tender+care0009(1)

baby+tender+care0008(1)This baby is from Peck Aubry’s “Baby Tender Care.” The book includes a Babysitter paper doll too. Find more of the book here. (You need to register to be a member of the group in this link. This group is truly the best source for as many paper dolls as you may want, as varied as you can imagine.)

B is for Ballet:


B is for Box:




B is for Bird:




5 Responses to "Paper dolls & Paper Play Alphabet: B"


What a lovely ballerina. The bird is extra sweet as well.

The cowboy seems to only link to the clothing – not the doll. BTW< I LOVE the vintage stuff such as this – fabulous!

I would so like to have a copy of the Baby Tender Care paper dolls. I left
my note on the C one and should have left it on this one. So Sorry, but
can you help me to get a copy? Thanks so much, Jeri

Hi Baby Courtney is so cute, thanks

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