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Wigwams/ Tepees

Posted on: March 22, 2009

wigwams-3Me and my seven-year-old nephew made this American Indian village, after something similar from “The Big Ideas Book” by Susan Stranks.


For the wigwams, we put a saucer upside-down on cardboard and drew circles, which we cut out. We cut them in half, and then stapled the half-circles into cone-shapes. For the large wigwam, we used the half-circle from a larger bowl. We cut and folded a tent flap on the front of each, and decorated it with pens and stickers. (Susan Stranks had felt-tipped pens for her tent decor, which we lacked. We used stickers, which Susan lacked.)

The totem pole is just a cardboard cone with faces, and a cardboard birdface with wings on top.

The fire is orange paper and a few sticks.

If you want to put little figures of Indians in between, you can get some to print out on this page, and the next few pictures after it.

Susan Stranks suggested an Indian baby cradle from string and cardboard, here pictured with a totem pole.

She also suggests arrows, bows, crosses, eagles, canoes, etc. as decorations. Here is her Indian Village:scan000c3


4 Responses to "Wigwams/ Tepees"

I love this. It’s my kind of art.

We Love Tipis.

Everybody Loves Tipis.

We have a blog about Tipis…

I have been looking for a craft toy I could do with my 4 year old son and I think this might be perfect.

what are those

Indian (of the American variety, not from India) tents.

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