Paper dolls and other paper toys

Emotion finger puppets

Posted on: January 17, 2009



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Gracias!!muy didácticos para los niños.

[…] le marionette di carta delle emozioni da PaperDollsAndOtherPaperToys […]

The toys may toys house sundance include educational toys and games could well be loved through the
little ones can’t get to the treat. This is a toy that you can pass them on to the next generation.
Have you bought too many toys for them, and they are also safe
and designed for indoor play. In addition to the trampoline you will
also circumvent the holiday rush, the people and might even get a good
bargain and some very trendy toys for the gift baskets.

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The first half of these saved really well and I was able to print them in the right size (finger-puppets3). They came out really good. The second half (finger-puppets21), I was not able to click on it and then save it. I had to right click on the image within the page and click “Save image as…” and then save it. The image saved much smaller than the first one and now they aren’t big enough or the same size as the first half. Maybe you could repost it and resolve this issue? They are such a cute idea and my Sunbeams love these. Something must have changed since last year…

[…] d’autisme. Vous pouvez utiliser ces marionnettes en papier des émotions à imprimer de Paper Dolls and other paper toy. Elles sont simples et rapides à réaliser une fois imprimées. Je vous ai rapidement traduit les […]

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