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Betty Boop, her clothing (and her family?)

Posted on: October 31, 2008

It would seem this Betty Boop has outfits from movies. Can you help me identify the clothes?


The first dress is from Gone with the Wind.

The second outfit look Cleopatra-ish.

I have no idea where the pink dress is from, nor the one with the skull earrings.

I think the green dress is also from Gone with the Wind.

The white dress with the wind blowing it up is, of course, Marilyn Monroe’s. But in which movie did she wear that?

The pink and yellow dress look like something Carmen Miranda would have worn.

If you can identify more of the clothing, please leave a comment and tell us.

And another question: Here is Betty Bobbs, a 1920’s drawing. By both the name and face I think she and Betty Boop may be “related.” Can Betty Boop perhaps be a development from the Betty Bobbs idea? I don’t know, but perhaps someone can tell me.


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I don’t want to contradict out of turn, but I firmly believe the top doll in the red swim suit is Betty Boop, not Betsy Boop.

The pink dress is also Marilyn Monroe, along with the white fur stole. The skull earrings is Bride of Frankenstein. And yes on the green dress — also GWTW.

Thank you for the darling PDs — I’d not seen them before.

Elaine Chircop

Thanks, Elaine.
A quick google images search told me you are right about the name. So I corrected it in my post.

The pink dress is from ” Gentlemen Prefer Bond ” miss Monroe , when she sang ” diamond are a girl best friend”

The white dress is also miss Monroe from ” the seven years itch ”

I’m not sure of the green dress but I guess it’s from ” Robin hood “

Hello Retha: I have this set somewhere in my stack of paper dolls. The set is titled, “Betty Boop Goes To Hollywood”. Thanks for sharing. Charlotte

I don’t know if you’ve gotten them yet but they are in orer fl to r from Betty Gone With the Wind, Cleopatra, Marilyn from Gentlemen prefer Blondes. Second set is another from Bride of Frankenstien, another Gone With the Wind, The Mummy Marilyn ( of course) and Carmen Miranda.,
Love your page!


the pink dress is from the video Material girl wit madonna

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Betty Boop was originally drawn by animator Grim Natwick as a little dog with a mopsnose and long ears and womanlegs; later she became a woman; inspired by the pin-uptypes from the 30’s.

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