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Women from India: A few diverse representations

Posted on: October 19, 2008

This one was from one of the paper doll albums at community webshots: (Community webshots do not allow people to download JPG’s any more, which is why I want to re-post everything in my community webshots albums here, eventually. I WANT my pics downloaded!)

This one is from the Google paper doll group, if I remember right.

This was on Lone Nunnaly’s website. (If it was still there, I would not have re-posted it here.)

The Indian witch is from Marianne Mathiesen, I think. I really don’t have the link to the site any more.

 This (Bollywood film star?)is from Gail’s Paper Doll Page. Gail publishes her dolls for free. I will post only 1 doll and outfit, at slightly reduced size, and further link to her.

And this is a doll from “Brides around the world”by Tom Tierney, pictured with her Indian Wedding dress.

This one is drawn in a very different style:


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3 Responses to "Women from India: A few diverse representations"

These are very unique and lovely!

The last one looks like it might spanish to me. Spanish PDs have a certain look to them, I could be wrong but this one looks very spanish. Also THANK YOU for posting Gail’s link, I have been trying to remember it for days now. I keep getting a site by another women spelled Gayle. The top one is so beautiful.

The dolls are in Indian costume is really superb. Any kid of the world are love to play with them…………

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