Paper dolls and other paper toys

There is a free computer program named in which you can design anything with Lego. If you want to, you can even order the bricks to make your design in real life.

Being a paper doll fan, I designed a Lego ‘paper’ doll. With flat (2 Lego plates deep) outfits, of course.

What should I name my Lego girl? Please comment and tell me.

These dolls are from the same issue of Idees as the Paris lady.

Apr2014 Idees sirkus arties (1)

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This doll is from the South African crafts magazine Idees, April 2014. The box is supposed to be photocopied at 245%, and the copy used.

Apr2014 Idees Parys (1)
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From comes this box-shaped leprechaun toy:


From comes this paper doll:

This leprechaun is somewhat older:

… while this one is younger, again:

I am not even sure if this is a leprechaun, but it is a fun character:

This one is my personal favorite:

The first one is for Schoeller yarns: 

The next for Dandee bread:
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There is an area in South Africa, around Cape Town, which is so dry, they worry that the taps will run dry before the middle of the year. They got rain this week. I celebrate with a few dolls with raincoats or umbrellas.

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This one came with cut clothing in a small envelope. (I include two pics, one of the front and another of the inside.) As far as I know, these are more likely to be from the ’30s, and the wordplay ones mostly from the ’40s and ’50s.)

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This kind of Paper dolls come from the 1930’s to 1950’s.

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Kokeshi dolls are Japanese wooden dolls. They inspired this simple doll, which I did entirely in Paintbrush.



One of my Internet friends is a fan of Marine Le Pen, French politician, and asked me to draw this paper doll.

Marine le Pen2


I do not deserve all the credit for it: The face is obviously from a photo, and the body is from an Evita Perón doll by Christine D. Scarlett.

I include Christine’s doll to show what is her work:

Evita (1)real

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